WHAT’S YOUR RICHES? (2/21/2014



I’m not made of riches

But am better than bitches
Who think money buys them love.

It is pretty funny
For those who have money
Think it puts them above.

I laugh at them steadily
For them to outlay readily
To keep up their toys instead.

(c) J. Dean Shelden 2/2014
Art from Internet.


ODE TO SHEEPLE (01/16/2014)



Out of the clouds I come for you.
You won’t even notice.
I will swoop down and scoop you up
And you won’t lose your focus.

(c) J. Dean Shelden 2014
Sand Dragon – Deviantart.com

CRYING IS OVER (11/25/2013)



You can’t keep crying in the rain
Hoping it will wash away the pain.
Giving up and feeling shame
Is no way to rid the blame.

Cry to wash away the fear
It brings everything so clear.
While it never brings things near
It holds close the things so dear.

Caste away those painful things
The bitterness crying brings.
Live in full, embrace the new
Drop the emptiness untold in you.

Seek healing in the end
Fill the joy up and send
All overflowing to those around
Hear the echoing of the sound.

Crying is over.

© J. Dean Shelden
Artist unknown


This is dedicated to Sam Hightower, a very good friend of mine from Arizona. I have had only a couple of poems that came as songs. This is one of them. I also chuckle because it came to me while I was in the bathtub (is that TMI). LOL I hope you enjoy it.



Here I am all gathered in
Baby I want to feel your skin
Way deep down inside
I just want to stay and hide.

Gathering up on limbs of trees
Not so good on your knees
With your dog along your side
No way that you can hide.

Baby, baby I want under your skin.

Planting, seeding along the way
Bringing a much brighter and better day
With his camera in his eye
Sam can play along in I Spy.

With a heartfelt handshake and grin
Who will know where it will begin?
I hope it will never end!
Just that he can always bend.

Baby, baby I want under your skin.

I will always be a friend to you.
No one better and fresher than dew.
Don’t change, stay just the same.
Or I’ll be on you for their name!

A moment given somewhere in time
You are given life and more in this rhyme.
No better friend anyone can have
Or on a hurt you are like a salve.

Baby, baby I want under your skin.

© J. Dean Shelden 2013
Photo of Sam and his pug




The sweetest heart
The warmest tongue
My world has started
Yes, it’s begun.

Hurts and cares
Drift all away
That warm feeling
Here to stay.

Blow the clouds away!

Summertime drifted.
Where it’s gone?
Toes in sand dunes
Lifted up in a song.

Blow the clouds away!

Winter’s grip is cold.
On and on it stays
Wrapped in white
Where’s the sun’s rays?

Blow the clouds away!

(c) J. Dean Shelden 2013
Photo by J. Dean Shelden